Superior Homeowners Insurance Options

Wondering how to choose the right homeowners insurance? The coverage you have depends upon the type of policy you have. Unlike auto insurance, where the policies are pretty much the same, homeowners insurance policies can be quite different, depending on the “form” numbers (or insurance small print).

All homeowner policies are “package” policies. You get a group of coverages packaged into your policy for one overall premium. They include coverage on your building, your contents (furniture, clothing, etc.) and liability insurance in case you are sued, under the same policy.

There is no better way to understand your homeowner policy than to read it, but most people don’t look past the first page with the premium on it. We suggest you pull out your policy and give us a call so we can help you interpret it.

Optional Coverage

In addition to special coverage for jewelry, silverware and furs, you can purchase specific coverage for such possessions as stamp or coin collections, fine arts, camera equipment, collectibles, watercraft and musical instruments, just to name a few.